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Guide to working with XML4Ada95

In order to use the XML4Ada95 package, you first have to install it on your system. You should read this section before just downloading the package and trying to run it for yourself, it will certainly save you some time.

After installation you can immeadiatly dive into programming with XML. The How-Tos give you a quickstart into some common tasks you'll encounter when working with XML. Later you can use the API documentation in order to gain a knowledge about the numerous possibilities of this package.

The Programmers notes give you some helpful hints how to ease your development of XML-aware applications with XML4Ada95. Some patterns showing how to write elegant code in Ada 95 with this package are given.

In order to illustrate the use of this package, some examples are given. By studying them you can gain further insight and some questions may be resolved.

Finally, the license handles the legal stuff. It's Open Source, you are free to use it!

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