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In order to use the XML4Ada95 package, you first have to install it on your system. You should read this section carefully. Just downloading the package and trying to run it for yourself is a good way to become frustrated.

First check if you fulfill all requirements. If you don't, change this. If you can't change this, you can't use XML4Ada95.

The single most complicated requirement is being able to link your Ada 95 code with your C++ code. I have written a "Hello world"-type program of language linking. If you can get this little program to run, you will be able to link C++ and Ada 95 at will. If it won't execute, no use trying this with the whole Xerces and XML4Ada95 packages.

Please, comments about how you managed to make the program are highly welcomed and will be published here, in order to help others. I only have a very limited number of platforms and machines to check this out, and would be grateful for any input on this matter. Even a short message like "Works on HP-UX with the gcc 3.3" would be great, thank you!

Now that everything is prepared, get your download. Inside you will find everything you need to use XML4Ada95.

Some quick notes on installing and building XML4Ada95: there are no make or configure-scripts yet. Because of the issues mentioned above I'd like to gain some more experience before offering possibly harmful possibilities. After you figured out how to get your "Hello world!" up and running you simply apply the same mechanism here to use XML4Ada95.

Requirements Hello world! Download


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