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Oct 4, 2004

XML4Ada95 moves to SourceForge! And Daniel Simon made a presentation of it in Mallorca, and I will have one on Thursday, October 7 in Stuttgart (what a treat!). If you like to come along, get the information from Ada Deutschland. It surely will be interesting.

XML4Ada95 doesn't get much update, I know. I have found a great job at the AIFB (Uni Karlsruhe), and my work will be in developing the Semantic Web. Still, if you have any questions or bug reports concerning XML4Ada95, write them to me or use SourceForges services to make them known.

I also hope that with the use of SourceForge the maintenance will become a bit more transparent. See you soon I hope!
Feb 19, 2004

Future Apps' Georg Bauhaus advised me not to claim XML/Ada 1.0 would not support validation, as they do offer partial validation against DTDs. I should not misinform about features of the competition. Thanks Georg for this advise, as it shows me, that I did not make a clear enough statement about what I think about XML/Ada, and about XML4Ada95.

I'd like to change that. First, the terms validation and validating parser are both well defined in the XML specification, and XML/Ada does not conform to this specification. XML4Ada95 does (a complete list of conforming standards may be found at the introductory page). As Georg pointed out to me, they do offer some features that are part of the validation.

I hope that's clear now, but there's one more thing I'd like to point out: I don't regard XML/Ada as competition. I honestly think, that we need a complete, native XML-parser for Ada95, and there, XML/Ada is the best thing we have right now. XML4Ada95 offers better conformance to the standard than XML4Ada95 does, and it is the first and still only package offering the ability to fully validate XML-documents against DTDs and even XML Schema. But you get this ability at a cost: you have to include a C++-package, and you will have to invest some work in order to get the Ada95/C++-Interface up and running. A native implementation, like XML/Ada, with the abilities offered in XML4Ada95 would be great - but this solution simply does not exist (yet?).

I hope it's clear now, what I think about XML/Ada. It is not competition. It's a great project, and I honestly hope they will implement the missing functionality. So, there's XML4Ada95 to fill this gap - and a gap it is, or people wouldn't download and use XML4Ada95, although it is harder to find on the web than XML/Ada. XML4Ada95 and XML/Ada are different projects, with different goals and different strategies. You are responsible to choose the solution which suits your projects needs best. I am just here to offer you the choice.

By the way, sorry for taking the time to make XML4Ada95 1.0, but these days I have to do some final stuff to complete my studies, and then I will need the time to find a job. You know, just in case you have a nice job offer around, maybe you're interested in writing and hiring me. Then XML4Ada95 will certainly be released sooner... ;)

Jan 14, 2004

I took a break from XML4Ada95, but now I am back. There is no new version yet, but there will probably be one in the course of the next few weeks, as I am writing a nice addition to the package right now.
There are some news for all of you interested in using XML-Technology with Ada95.

First, shortly after the public release of XML4Ada95, the great other XML-package for Ada95, XML/Ada, got released in Version 1.0. They still don't support Validation, but they it's a native implementation, so take a look at them. Take a look at XML/Ada 1.0. Be aware - although they claim to support DOM 2.0 they actually mean support for DOM Level 2 Core and none of the other modules.

Xerces 2.4.0 has been published. XML4Ada95 has been tested with Xerces 2.2.0 and 2.3.0 (and both old releases of Xerces may still be found at their website), but I didn't have the time yet to check if it works with 2.4.0, too. This will happen with the new version, too.

What else? Oh yes, Daniel Simon and I wrote a paper about my Diploma Thesis (XML4Ada95 is the result of this Diploma Thesis) and submitted it for the AdaEurope 2004 conference in Palma de Mallorca. And guess what? They thought it wasn't bad enough to be rejected (even considering my horrible English, but thanks to Daniel this was much better in the paper). Now I'm thinking about going there (it's pretty expensive, mind you), and would really love to do so... well, you will be able to meet either me or Daniel there, that's pretty sure. And you will be able to read the paper in the proceedings afterwards.

And just a side remark: have you noticed the nice, all-new XML4Ada95-logo? Isn't it great looking?

Great news, huh? So, check this page again in a few weeks, a new version is awaiting to be published (all bug reports on 0.9 are now highly welcomed!)

Oct 27, 2003

Just to keep you updated: no one mentioned any bugs in the binding yet (good :) but I got a few "thank yous" (cool!, I love those) and some links (great, thank you!). XML4Ada95 seems to work...
If you find something that you think is a bug, please tell me, I will take a look at the problem as soon as possible.
I am trying to measure the efficiency of the binding, but I can't yet think of a good idea of how to do this effectively. I'd like to have an answer to the question "How much time do I loose by using an Ada 95 binding insteaed of using native C++?" - without having to consider the speed of Xerces itself... Well, if anyone has a neat idea (beside the obvious), give ma hint!

Oct 16, 2003, the second

Thanks for your feedback! Especially to Manuel Collado and Daniel Simon for pointing out some errors on the website. They are corrected now.

Oct 16, 2003

A tiny little memory leak was found and fixed. It did happen every single time you used a string argument... Thanks to Jesse Pelton for pointing this out.
Finally, the API documentation is completed!
So, XML4Ada95 is releaed as Version 0.9, including the whole documentation. This means I will tell the whole world (or at least to anyone who cares to listen) that the package is ready and may be publicly used (you can say, 0.9 is the first real public release).

Oct 15, 2003

Corrected a bug in xercescinterface.cpp (thanks to Daniel Simon for reporting it), the corrected file is now part of the downloadable package.
The API is close to being complete: all interfaces are described by now, except Serializer and Parser. This looks like tomorrow we will see Version 0.9, including a complete documentation!

Oct 14, 2003

Expanded the API documentation, soon the whole Level 1 and 2 interfaces will be described.

Oct 10, 2003

Three examples are added to the package.
You will find a complete list of all methods of all interface in the
API, though they are not yet described.
The Guide, and some other parts, were expanded tremendously.

Oct 09, 2003

Updating all kind of information. Added the API descriptions for the interfaces Implementation, ImplementationLS and Node.

Oct 07, 2003

This website goes online! It still includes some rather preliminary information, but the following few days shall see some some major site building.

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