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Programmers notes

Here you will find some tips about working with XML4Ada95.
This is not much as no one has much experience with this package yet. I hope you will find it useful, and should you stumble upon a nice pattern that can ease working with XML4Ada95, feel free to send it in.

What to use and what to with

I am usually always use "org_w3c_dom" - these eleven letters are a pain to write! I don't use any of the other packages, you don't need to.

Instead of using "org_w3c_dom" you can also rename it to something nice, like just "DOM".

Useful renames

I especially tend to rename the DOMString/Standard.String-converting functions with some very short like "s":

function s(S : in Standard.String) return DOMString renames From_Standard_String;
function s(S : in DOMString) return Standard.String renames To_Standard_String;

This makes the code far more readable.

Although I didn't use them, I think renaming all the To_Node/From_Node-converting functions would to something like "n" can further ease working with this package, though I didn't try this yet.

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